The Early Years:

Hi there! I’m a Shawn Voges owner and creator of Voges Designs. I was born in Riverside, CA. but have had the pleasure of living all across the United States. I am going to take you on a brief journey of who I am and how I became to be a graphic designer. Growing up my dad was a very talented type setter, graphic designer, and negative stripper. Through watching my father is were I found my love for Graphic Design.

During my high school years in Colville, WA. I was really focused on being a top level scholastic athlete. This lead me down the path of being on a national caliber Cross Country team that achieve a lot of success and championships during my time with them team. Also during that time I was apart of a very successful wrestling program were I had the honor of competing at many different levels which included traveling to Rio Nevada for the Sahara Nevada Classic (Best of the West Tournament). Through out my successes as a student athlete it taught me a lot about being a part of teams that strive for success and lead me to compete at the collegiate level.

The Veteran:

After graduating high school and completing my first year of college a different path to success entered into my life. Coming from a long line of military in my family, I took the opportunity to follow there path and join the United States Navy.

Commands and places where I was Stationed:

-NTC San Diego, CA – (1992)
-NTC Treasure Island – (1992)
-USS Independence (CV-62) Yokosuka, Japan (1992-1995)
-USS Nimitz (CVN-68) Bremerton, WA (1995-1997)
-Naval Air Facilities (NAF) Misawa, Japan (1997-2000)
-NRD Seattle, NRS Tri-Cities (2000-2004)
-USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76), San Diego, CA (2004-2005)
-Southwest Regional Maintenance Center (SRWMC) San Diego, CA (2005-2007)

After spending 15 years in the United States Navy and heading towards Medical Retirement, it was time to start looking towards the future. I never would have imagined it would land me in Nashville, TN. following a dream of becoming a Country Music artist.

The Entertainer:

After moving to Nashville TN in 2007 I would quickly realize success in the Music Industry would not come as easy as it did in the military. Along with the other thousands of aspiring artist that move to Nashville each month I was out working hard to make this dream come true. With a year and a half of playing in all the smokey bars and honky-tonks It was almost time to move on. Once my wife and I decided to go ahead and move back to Washington State I received a phone call that would kick start my dreams. Two years into following my dream of becoming a recording artist i am now signed to a recording contract and started to preform with some of the biggest legends in the music industry. Finally in the recording studio cutting my first album I came to realize how expensive it would be for someone to design all of my merchandise, albums, and posters.

The Graphic Designer:

Continuing with my music career, I decide to go back to college and get my degree in Graphic Design. Still following my dreams and continuing to go on tour and perform at major concerts, my life has finally coming in full circle back to my father being a graphic designer. Being creative is in my blood no matter if it is performing in front of hundreds to thousands of people or designing things for people, being creative is what I love to do. Here are some of my skills that I have developed while attending college. To learn more about my creative skills and software skills, please visit My Resume’